1. Scratchbox Release Schedule

This roadmap has been updated on 2004-06-17 by Timo Savola.

1.1. Scratchbox 0.9.7

Released in December 2003.

The current maintenance release ( will probably be the last one.

1.2. Scratchbox 0.9.8 "Egypt"

Released in June 2004.

This release was in development for a long time, during which much of the Scratchbox documentation was written. It looks very much like 1.0.

Maintenance releases will be made as needed.

1.3. Scratchbox 1.0 "Weedbay"

This is the current development objective. Pre-releases will be made in the 0.9.9.x series. <insert time estimate here>

The focus of this release is getting all bugs fixed, to complete the documentation and update the website. A strong emphasis is in developing the Scratchbox testing procedure.

No architectural changes will be made, but some new features have been planned. See the TODO file for details.

1.4. Scratchbox 2.0 "Monastery"

The way Scratchbox manages the sandbox directories has some limitations: users can't create new directories at the target's root directory nor have multiple simultaneous Scratchbox sessions with different targets selected. This requires major architectural changes, which will be implemented after 1.0.