Old Roadmap

See the current roadmap instead. This page is preserved to satisfy possible historical ambitions.

1. Scratchbox Release Schedule

This roadmap has been updated 2004-03-03 by Lauri Leukkunen.

1.1. Scratchbox 0.9.7.x maintenance release is currently on hold pending further clarification of the toolchain kernel header issue (quite a few components break due to 2.6 kernel headers, but 2.4 headers are no longer used in Debian, what to do?)

1.2. Scratchbox 0.9.8 "Egypt"

0.9.8 release is progressing well. All of the big architectural changes have been made and the next pre-release (0.9.8-pre4) looks to be a very good release. Currently the target is to have 0.9.8 out in April 2004.

The list of most interesting changes in 0.9.8:

The maintenance releases of 0.9.8 will be made as needed.

1.3. Scratchbox 1.0

Currently Scratchbox 1.0 is planned to be released in June 2004.

The main focus of this release is getting all bugs fixed and to complete the documentation. A strong emphasis is in developing Scratchbox testing procedure. Functionality should be very similar to 0.9.8. Only those component updates which are considered necessary are made.