Known Issues

1. USB network does not start properly if iPaq is attached to USB-cradle at boot time

Workaround: re-attach iPaq to USB-cradle.

2. The 'usb0' interface is not visible in the 'redhat-config-network' utilities on the desktop

Workaround: none.

3. Some perl modules don't seem to work when using other than i386/host target!

This is because you are using tools' perl, which is a x86 binary and the perl module you are trying to use is not a x86 binary.

Workaround: either use target perl (remove binary redirection for perl) or install x86 version of the module.

We are currently figuring out the best way to fix this. Stay tuned.

4. NFS mounts hang / whatever!

Workaround: restart the nfs-service on your host system and try again.

5. Can't create new directories to target's root

Some packages may try to create directories to the target's root (the directory which is the root of your chroot sandbox), which is not possible since it is writable only by the root user. The reason for this is that the root directory is shared between all of the user's targets, and creating arbitrary files to it may break other targets. There are two ways to solve this, both of which require root privileges:

  1. Let's assume that you wish to create the "/sys" directory.

    Create the following symlink:

    # ln -s /targets/links/sys /scratchbox/users/<username>/sys

    Add "sys" to the sbox_linkdirs list near the top of the /scratchbox/tools/bin/sbox-config shell script.

    Reselect the active target to recreate the links:

    [sbox-ARM: ~] > sbox-config -st ARM
  2. The Debian 'base-files' package requires that some directories in root are real directories instead of symlinks. You can create those directories directly to /scratchbox/users/<username>/ but be aware that the contents of those directories will NOT be target-specific!

6. Compilation stops without a reason when using gnome-terminal

Workaround: Run SDK from the xterm terminal emulator. (We don't know what is the significant different between these terminal emulators, but that fixes it.) To run SDK in a login shell, use this:

$ xterm -ls -e /scratchbox/login &

rxvt and gnome-terminal 2.2.1 have also been reported not to interrupt X11 compilation (the problem has manifested with gnome-terminal 2.0.1).

Tip: If you differentiate the SDK terminal from your other terminals with colors, you don't accidentally try to compile software in a wrong window. To get xterm with scrollbar on the right, 256 line buffer, larger font, black background with gray text and text effects reversed, run it with these options:

$ xterm -sb -rightbar -sl 256 -fn 9x15 -bg black -fg gray -rv &

7. Running an ARM program complains about not finding a library that 'ldd' finds

Workaround: Login to ARM machine (after compiling busybox or bash, so that you have shell there) and run 'ldconfig' there before running the program. For example:

[sbox-ARM: ~] > / $ /sbin/ldconfig -v $ xterm &