Scratchbox has been created by Movial and sponsored by Nokia.

If you are interested in sponsoring or contributing then contact project responsible or just read on to the Contributing section and find the best way for you!

Project responsible:


Become involved in the Scratchbox project! There is always a need for new participants.

There are several ways you can contribute your time to this project:

We are interested in hearing how you have used Scratchbox to solve your specific cross-development needs. Please provide details about host and target platforms, the type of application you are developing, and any comments. Feedback can contain generic evaluation of the SDK or comments about specific issues.

Before reporting a bug, please make sure that

You may also want to check the related files in the repository for changes committed after the latest available stable build. After checking that the bug has not already been reported and/or fixed, and collecting all the required information you should make a comprehensive bug report in the Bugzilla.

Support questions should be posted to the scratchbox-users mailing list.

If you have interest in implementing new features you should bring up the topic on the scratchbox-devel mailing list. We are very keen on integrating new cross-compilation toolchains into the SDK. If you are working on one we would be delighted to hear about it.

For more technical information about making patches, accessing the CVS, and so forth take a look at Dan Kegel's Contributing to Open Source Projects HOWTO.